Saturday, December 28, 2013

The beginning

In the beginning I wanted to be a website where tomboy's all grown up could loosen up the garter belts and be the girls that we truly were. But then I was thinking that it could become more than that. Maybe it could morph unto this new age feminine empowerment influence (I'm not talking bra burning "I hate men" empowerment.)It could encourage women  to except our bodies, love our selves, and instead of picking at each other to create these societal standards that no one can live up to, create an image of infinite beauty.

In this girl-power mind set, I was thinking of young girls everywhere actually being ok with who they are. I was thinking of that 12 year old girl who is skipping lunch because she think she's fat, or that 25 year old girl who feels guilty about getting her graduate degree instead of getting married.

Then a power surge went to my brain. My website is Girl and Bro.

There are feminist groups, female rights groups and female power groups. What about the males? We as females focus too much that this is a male dominated work and that men are the problem and that girls are molded from a young age to lay on her back and take whatever society wants to shove up her womb. Those idealistic rants are exactly the problem.

What exactly are we teaching men? Women have the most powerful influence on a man. We birth them, feed them from our breasts, raise them, teach them right from wrong.

What are we teaching them?

Why is it so wrong to sit down while you pee? It's cleaner that way. Isn't it easier to teach a young boy to sit and just push his penis down rather than hold it and aim?

We teach them to treat others right and with respect; but what do we tell them to do when they are being disrespected? "Don't let anyone disrespect you." We tell our children and young men to respect us but what we are really saying is fear us. Therefore we are teaching our young men that respect=fear. In order for someone not to disrespect you, you must install fear in them.

"Man up". We are teaching our boys maybe without realizing it that hiding your pain, anger, or suffering is the right thing to do. When we see a girl cry, we coddle her and smooth her head as she puts her head on our shoulder; feeling secure. For a boy we might do that for a little while, but even as early as four or five we start planting in their head that it's not ok to cry and be secured anymore.

We hide behind nicknames: Sport, Champ, Princess, Sweetie, Dog, ect

By these nicknames young children might catch on to what should define them instead of defining themselves. Instead of calling them by name and letting them chose to be whoever they want and loving them every single step of the way, we chose their identity for them.

We need to change this generation. As it becomes more technology dependent, it becomes harder to change a social issue without social interaction.
Holding a child's hand and telling him or her that he or she is beautiful is a lot more effective than watching a video.
Hearing a voice speaking life into someone is more effective than reading a text message.

I realize now that I don't want to be a website for tom girls. It can be much bigger than that. I want to change how we define femininity and masculinity.