Saturday, January 4, 2014

Stop Fat Talk.

How many times have you chosen not to wear a certain outfit because of how it'll make you look? How many layers do you have to wear to feel like the only thing people will see is your face? Have you ever opted not to go out because you were having a fat day? 

How often do you avoid looking at yourself in the mirror after you get out of the shower?

We seek the attention of others to disprove what we feel about ourselves. 

Girls chatter about how good that sweater looks, and then continues to say how she could never wear that because her muffin-tops would show. Men are told they're not allowed to be self conscious that it's feminine to feel like they're fat, so they turn to humor to cover up their emotions. Or they feel like to be a man you have to be over-sexualized and strive to be so muscular that you couldn't scratch your own back if you tried. 

In order to rise other people up we have to belittle ourselves. 

If something called you fat, or a pig, or chubby you would defend yourself and maybe even lash out at your accuser. You call yourself the same thing, so what's wrong? 

Stop identifying yourself with something that if said by another person, it's offensive.

Look at your body naked for one minute, then find something positive to say about it. Be comfortable in your own skin. Even if it starts small, gradually you'll start seeing more things that are beautiful.

You are the one person you have to live with everyday, no matter what. Loving yourself is a learning process. It starts with ending self-hate and fat talk.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Entitlement and Laziness Inhibits Success and Happiness.

Everyone when beginning a new challenge or situation, is fired up and full of confidence. We don't think of any  potential bumps because as of that moment, we feel able to overcome them. Time and energy have a way of wearing down at this confidence. When we go sprint toward something so hard we forget to remember that eventually our legs will give out and we will fall.

It's easy to not succeed in life when you are scared of an accomplishment you haven't even tried yet. It's easy make up your mind that you're not good enough, or happiness happens to everyone else, not you.

Success and happiness is not a short sprint toward a finish line of eternal bliss. It is a steady pace that is long distance and takes a lifetime of work. Even if you reach your goal of where you wanted to be, make a new one and keep bettering yourself and your situation. You cannot have a five year goal but jump ship when you see it not happening in six months. Keep running, keep improving.

In this world, it is natural to put limitations on ourselves.

Ladies, this is an amazing time for us. We're in a transitional period in the third wave of the feminist movement. Know that you are better than what is portrayed of you by the media. You are better than what society is telling you that you are: A teenaged impregnated failure. Whatever hits you- keep improving, keep loving yourself. Know you are worth it all.

Men, this is a transitional period for you as well. I believe that some of the chivalrous values are starting to come back. However you need to tame your ego that you are entitled to everything because you have a penis. Also, see the females in your life as partners. You are still seen as the dominant gender, but never forget that you cannot do this alone.

Everyone, you are not going to get anything more out of this life than what you put into it.

 We all have it in is to be more than what we are today. Falling does not mean your legs will never work again. Just as hitting bumps will not mean you will never succeed.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bringing in the New Year the right way.

Every year we come up with New Year's resolutions. Some want to lose weight, others want to save money or travel. The common factor is that we aim to do something that we felt was lacking in the years past. It's after the reflection of the previous 364 days that we see the type of person we were, and try to modify it according to who we want to be.

I encourage all of you not a New Years resolution, but a life one. Try to be apart of something that is bigger than yourself.

It doesn't have to be monetary. It could be reaching out to someone, letting them know you're thinking about them. It could be volunteering somewhere. You have this important life that has potential to make a significant impact.  Find something you care about and react to it.

The worst thing you can do is waste your love and talents when there's so much you can do to utilize them. Use whatever is in your hand to complete what is in your heart.

Each day is a new opportunity to exercise humility. Be thankful and when you're done with that be thankful some more. If you're reading this, you are already more fortunate than over a quarter of the world. Even if your bank account is empty and it seems like you're just climbing the mountains of your problems, be thankful.

We give this super power to the new year. It's a blank slate. A chance to write a new chapter.

Do not belittle this power. But instead of thinking about what you want to change about yourself, think about what you want to change about the world.