Thursday, January 2, 2014

Entitlement and Laziness Inhibits Success and Happiness.

Everyone when beginning a new challenge or situation, is fired up and full of confidence. We don't think of any  potential bumps because as of that moment, we feel able to overcome them. Time and energy have a way of wearing down at this confidence. When we go sprint toward something so hard we forget to remember that eventually our legs will give out and we will fall.

It's easy to not succeed in life when you are scared of an accomplishment you haven't even tried yet. It's easy make up your mind that you're not good enough, or happiness happens to everyone else, not you.

Success and happiness is not a short sprint toward a finish line of eternal bliss. It is a steady pace that is long distance and takes a lifetime of work. Even if you reach your goal of where you wanted to be, make a new one and keep bettering yourself and your situation. You cannot have a five year goal but jump ship when you see it not happening in six months. Keep running, keep improving.

In this world, it is natural to put limitations on ourselves.

Ladies, this is an amazing time for us. We're in a transitional period in the third wave of the feminist movement. Know that you are better than what is portrayed of you by the media. You are better than what society is telling you that you are: A teenaged impregnated failure. Whatever hits you- keep improving, keep loving yourself. Know you are worth it all.

Men, this is a transitional period for you as well. I believe that some of the chivalrous values are starting to come back. However you need to tame your ego that you are entitled to everything because you have a penis. Also, see the females in your life as partners. You are still seen as the dominant gender, but never forget that you cannot do this alone.

Everyone, you are not going to get anything more out of this life than what you put into it.

 We all have it in is to be more than what we are today. Falling does not mean your legs will never work again. Just as hitting bumps will not mean you will never succeed.