Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bringing in the New Year the right way.

Every year we come up with New Year's resolutions. Some want to lose weight, others want to save money or travel. The common factor is that we aim to do something that we felt was lacking in the years past. It's after the reflection of the previous 364 days that we see the type of person we were, and try to modify it according to who we want to be.

I encourage all of you not a New Years resolution, but a life one. Try to be apart of something that is bigger than yourself.

It doesn't have to be monetary. It could be reaching out to someone, letting them know you're thinking about them. It could be volunteering somewhere. You have this important life that has potential to make a significant impact.  Find something you care about and react to it.

The worst thing you can do is waste your love and talents when there's so much you can do to utilize them. Use whatever is in your hand to complete what is in your heart.

Each day is a new opportunity to exercise humility. Be thankful and when you're done with that be thankful some more. If you're reading this, you are already more fortunate than over a quarter of the world. Even if your bank account is empty and it seems like you're just climbing the mountains of your problems, be thankful.

We give this super power to the new year. It's a blank slate. A chance to write a new chapter.

Do not belittle this power. But instead of thinking about what you want to change about yourself, think about what you want to change about the world.