Saturday, January 4, 2014

Stop Fat Talk.

How many times have you chosen not to wear a certain outfit because of how it'll make you look? How many layers do you have to wear to feel like the only thing people will see is your face? Have you ever opted not to go out because you were having a fat day? 

How often do you avoid looking at yourself in the mirror after you get out of the shower?

We seek the attention of others to disprove what we feel about ourselves. 

Girls chatter about how good that sweater looks, and then continues to say how she could never wear that because her muffin-tops would show. Men are told they're not allowed to be self conscious that it's feminine to feel like they're fat, so they turn to humor to cover up their emotions. Or they feel like to be a man you have to be over-sexualized and strive to be so muscular that you couldn't scratch your own back if you tried. 

In order to rise other people up we have to belittle ourselves. 

If something called you fat, or a pig, or chubby you would defend yourself and maybe even lash out at your accuser. You call yourself the same thing, so what's wrong? 

Stop identifying yourself with something that if said by another person, it's offensive.

Look at your body naked for one minute, then find something positive to say about it. Be comfortable in your own skin. Even if it starts small, gradually you'll start seeing more things that are beautiful.

You are the one person you have to live with everyday, no matter what. Loving yourself is a learning process. It starts with ending self-hate and fat talk.